Risk Management

Personalized Risk Management Consultation at your business by qualified Risk Management staff who can provide specialised advice in loss control and risk transfer.

Risk management is the process of assessing the weaknesses, dangers, obstacles and perils that face your business and ranking these according to the probability of them occurring and the severity of harm to your business. You then decide how to manage the risks according to the rankings. For example, to manage the probability of fire, you may install smoke or heat detectors, fire extinguishers and hose reels. To manage the harm to your business from fire, you might take out a policy of insurance.

Claims Management

We have a dedicated Claims Department for efficient claims handling 24/7 contact giving you all the support you require. Our claims team are here to help guide you through the complete claims process by giving advice where necessary, assist in speeding up the commencement of any repairs and working on your behalf to achieve the best result for you.

Premium Funding

Through our network we are able to offer you the ability to pay your premium over 2 to 12 months giving you greater flexibility enabling better management of your cash flow.